Fifth week in medical school

The fifth week of classes has almost ended and It was time to update this blog. So far there honestly weren’t that many special events. Of course there were some who almost fainted during our first aid classes but for some reason they all managed to keep it together.

The thing I never thought I’d do is become sleepy during classes. Sometimes I really struggle staying awake. It has honestly become so bad that I’ve decided to sit all the way in the front and go to the people I know during our 15 minutes of recess.
Sitting at the front is more of a tactical move. Besides the fact that it’s the only way to stay awake, the seats are more comfortable and the tables are slightly bigger.

Now on to the people I now. I honestly forget 50% of the names but everyone has been very nice so far. The biggest difference is that people at university are less judgy. There is way more acceptance. It’s quite normal that in a group of 300 you’ll be able to find someone you like as opposed to a group of 30 students.
I have to admit that not everyone is the same. Some people really just enjoy gossiping. And honestly that’s fine because it teaches you to man up and move on. Not everybody is going to like you anyways.

SOOOO that was it for today. I hope you enjoyed my non-existent adventures for this week and I’ll hope to do some cooler things next week!



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