Educational apps

It’s almost exam time which means that it’s time to start being a bit more productive. Today I really wanted to share my favorite apps with you. I don’t really have a lot of applications that I love so talking about these won’t really take long.

1 Pomodoro
The Pomodoro technique is very easy. It’s basically a timer that makes you study 25 minutes and gives you a 5 minute break. It’s one of those things that makes you study more effective. There are a lot of applications that apply the same technique.
Pomodoro timer and Be focused are the easiest ones out there. The layout is simple and sleek.



2 My homework
I’ve had this application on my laptop for a while. It’s one of the most simple apps out there. This app basically allows you to track your homework. All you need to do is add your classes and your homework, pick a start and end date and check the app regularly to see what you need to do.

3 Flashcard applications
I use two applications. The first one is Studyblue because I really like the layout and that it allows me to track my knowledge on every flashcard. I also really like Quizlet because a few people in my class use it which means that we can easily share our flashcards. Both of these are free (if you don’t upgrade) and they’re super easy to use.



These are all the applications I use. I know that some people might like online skeletton applications. If you do there are a lot out there however you can easily find the same information on flashcards applications. This might save some space on your phone or laptop.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Let me know in the comment section which apps you use to study more efficiently.

Lots of love!

M. -Doctor In Spe



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