Prepping for my exams!

My exams are almost here and it means that I really need to get things done. Even though I’m the laziest student in my entire year I have acquired quite a lot of usefull tips and tricks to make sure that I’m completely ready for my finals. Today I’ll be sharing my tips with you!

1 Clean up!
Before my exams I want my room to be completely clean. I don’t like it when my stuff is everywhere. If I clean up before my exams start I also know where everything is which means that during my exams I don’t need to start looking for paper or biros.
I start off with my closet and make sure that I have enough clean sweaters, shirts and sweatpants because I live in these things.
Having an empty desk is also very important. If there are to many things on my desk I end up being more distracted. The only things I do keep are my whiteboard, notes, writing tools and a laptop. The laptop is there to listen to music and to track my activity with Pomodoro.

2 Start buying food
I love small snacks while studying and I often end up buying quite a lot of them. My favourite snacks include: nuts, pure chocolate, cherry tomatoes and dried fruit. You can easily prepare your own snack tray before your exams. My personal favorite snacks include pistachios, dried figs and dried berries.

Also make sure you have enough water to keep you hydrated the entire day. I also buy some orange juice to keep in the fridge. Cold drinks keep me awake during my day.

3 Study locations
Whenever I study at home I always seem to be very laid back and chill. Most of the time I don’t even get up at 7. I end up going for some coffee or tea and I never feel any pressure. That’s why I prefer studying at libraries; there are no coffee breaks and if you’re not on time you’ll lose your spot. I make sure that I’ve seen all locations before and then pick the one I like most.

4 Get everything ready
Before the whole studying process begins I start by classing all of my courses. I make sure that all the notes and information are in the right binder -I also don’t like studying things on my laptop because it makes my eyes burn after a while so I make sure that I’ve printed everything out. I also make sure that I’ve got my favorite apps ready to use and that I’ve got enough music. If you’re interested in the albums and songs I like then check out my music I’ve been loving post!

That’s how I prep before my exams. Let me know in the comment section how your prepare for your exams! Lots of love and succes with your exams!

Lots of love

Doctor in spe

2 thoughts

  1. All your points are true! They help! I also love studying for exams with colour-coded notes—makes it aethetic to look at and so I don’t get bored so much. Every time I study I like to be active so I keep making shorter notes, highlighting, or walk and read aloud. Passive studying isn’t helpful.


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