Gifts for med students

There are only six days left for christmas which means that if you havent found a cool gift yet you probably should start looking harder. If you’re looking for gifts for medicine students, no need to worry! I’ve got you covered.


1: Cher medical ID bracelet from

2: Bodum travel mug from

3: Littman Cardiology III Stethoscope from You can engrave these as well.

4: Urbanears Plattan adv wireless headphones in snow blue from

5: White and gold notebook from Etsy store Lake1221 You can personalize this one if you want!

6: Parker Jotter ballpoints in black and one in silver.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Let me know which gift you liked most in the comment section.

Lots of love!

Doctor in spe

3 thoughts

  1. Hi! I’m a new med student blogger. I love your blog! I wrote a similar post to this recently. I would love it if you checked it out and gave me feedback! I also plan on doing the medical tag soon (: Take care


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