Daily life of a medical student

Today I wanted to show you how a day in my life goes. I’m a regular student, I live at home with my parents. I’m not motivating at all. However some students are just regular students.

6:00-6:15 My mom is going to work so she wakes me up fairly early. I like to lay in my bed a little longer. I would like to tell you that I workout or that I do something productive but I honestly don’t.

7:45: I go to my classes. I drive to my class every morning which in a way is the worst thing I probably do. I know that I should either carpool or take the bus but I always make up lame excuses.

8:00-13:00 I have very long classes and they start and end quite late. I fortunately have some breaks during classes. I usually try to pay attention and write down something. Sometimes I’ll go to the library but most of the time I just go home. I prefer studying in a quiet library which is very difficult to find!

13:30-16:00 As soon as I come home I watch television and drink a glass of coffee. I love my coffee and drink up to four(!) glasses of coffee per day. I also like watching television series. My current favorite is ‘the middle’. It’s one of the few shows left that is actually pretty accurate and realistic.

16-18:00 I try to get some studying done. We started studying our muscles so I’ve been doing that for the longest time. It’s one of those things I really need to repeat this section of my courses more often.

20:00-23:30 I end up watching more television. I love documentaries and there are always a few of them on the television. I watched one about the hunt for lions. It was quite disturbing and made me feel so terrible. Basically some people in Africa capture lions and inbreed them making more lions who have a lot of genetic flaws f.e. issues with their paws. Rich people are then able to bid on these lions so that they can ‘hunt’ them down in a closed section. At the end of the documentary I was obviously quite upset.

That was my day the end of it was quite upsetting and I’m still not over it :/ I hope you still enjoyed the rest of my busy day and I will see you in a next post!

Lots of love!
-Doctor in spe

8 thoughts

  1. 1, You’re lucky you only have half a day– we had them all day. They were intensely boring and I’m not ashamed to say that I skipped many of them. That was easy because we organized a note-taking cooperative. Having one person take intense notes for each class, copy them, and distribute them to everyone at the end of the week really helped. Obviously, everyone has to pitch in and do their part– no free rides.
    2. You watch too much television for a medical student. Don’t watch TV or sit in front of the computer more than an hour each a day! TV and computers (the Web) are the worst time wasters since video games. You should try to study more than two hours a day. Personally, I watched practically no TV in med school (except for Star Trek reruns every evening.) And I studied four hours a day (much easier if you don’t go to class.) Some people studied six hours after sitting in class all day (mostly they slept in class.)
    3. Four glasses (we used cups) of coffee a day is not enough. Don’t worry about your health, coffee won’t hurt you (take it from a retired GP who only drinks a cup a day now.)

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    1. 1. In my year people don’t seem to have a share/help mentality. It’s every man for themselves unfortunately. I did have lectures half a day then but my lectures are very variable. In a couple of weeks they’ll get longer.
      2. I’m definitely going to cut out on watching television. One hour per day doesn’t seem a lot though 😮


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