Why She decides is so important

You might remember that I wrote about things that I was fortunate to see in my first year of medical school. One of the things I really wanted to write about was the ‘She decides’ campaign because it’s something that I value.

The ‘She decides’ crowdfunding was a reaction to the reinstating of the Mexico City Policy because the policy is banning financial support to foreign organizations that provide access to safe abortion or information about abortion, even if they do so with other than U.S. funding.
The reason why the reaction on She Decides was so big is because it meant that women in low developed countries would lose the right to decide if they want to have kids, when they want to have them and any other help related to family planning or sexual education. There were fortunately enough people who supported ‘She decides’ and they’re now able to replace those funds with enough money. You can still donate so that they can replace them for a longer period of time.

The main reason for this post however is the support that the campaign got. It showed feminism at it’s best form because the support didn’t just come from many women it also came from a lot of men. We all agreed that women in foreign countries should be able to decide what they want to do with their lives.
Knowing that feminism has such a big impact just makes me think about the opportunities that women everywhere will be able to get someday. The future somehow looks brighter than ever.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Definitely support She Decides because it does really make a difference.

Lots of love
– A doctor in spe

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