Charity: WWF

I want my blog to inspire people and to help people get to know things they otherwise wouldn’t. I’ve decided that I want you guys to know about some amazing charities and the work they do. There are some amazing charities out there that deserve a little more attention and I hope to be the link between you and these charities. The first charity I wanted to talk about is WWF.

WWF stands for world wildlife fund and is an organization founded in 1961. They originally wanted to protect animals that faced extinction but soon realized that they also needed to protect these creatures natural habitat.
Today they have 7 big challenges which are the prevention of deforestation, habitat loss and degradation of habitat, the bycatch of fish, overfishing, poaching, climate change and conflict between human and animal.

How can you help (Belgium)?
I’ve listed the Dutch options down below. You can however find international information via the WWF global site.

1. Monthly donations: WWF works via monthly donations you can donate monthly or you can go for a one time donation.

2. Adopt an animal: you can adopt an animal (or an animal and it’s child). They will use the money you pay monthly for the protection of the animal and it’s natural habitat.

3. Ranger club: children can become a part of the Ranger club. This cost 30€ yearly and they’ll receive the Ranger club magazine (5times per year) and they will be able to participate in great activities.

4. Panda magazine: costs 15€ per year and you’ll get a magazine (4times per year) and become an automatic member of WWF.

5. Working for WWF is also a possibility. You can find job offers via this link. You’ll find both jobs as voluntary work and they’re divided based on country. I’m personally amazed by the wide range of work you can do at WWF. They truly have something to offer for anyone.

They also have some other ways to donate and some more information about each project on their site if you live in Belgium or the Netherlands you’ll find information here. If you live outside of Europe you’ll find if you live outside of Europe you should visit the global site and choose your country on the top of the page.

I hope that you’ve learned a bit more about WWF and are ready to reinforce their team/work. Definitely let me know in the comment section what you thought of this article.

Lots of love
-M. A doctor in spe

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