Tips for prosection courses!

Prosections are a part of anatomy. You’ll see parts of the human body and you will most likely have to know where the muscles, nerves, veins and arteries are. I spend a lot of time preparing for my prosection course so I have quite a few tips!

1.Look up videos
The best way to have a clue of the material you’ll be studying is to look online for some videos in which they go over every part of the body and talk about what’s important. On youtube you’ll find sapiens medicus, on the internet I found this site. These videos will help you know where to look for certain structures.

2. Anatomy book
Your anatomy book is going to be your best friend during all of med school and it’s filled with pictures of the human body with and without muscles, nerves, arteries and veins. I use Sobotta anatomy which has an online site on which you’ll be able to find anatomical pictures. These are more structured and therefore easier to visualize.

3.Work together
It’s perfectly normal to search for certain structures. Talk to your peers and ask them if they know something you don’t. This is what helped me so much. Everyone I knew seemed to remember a certain part of the human body best. I always asked my friends to help me with structure I didn’t know.

4. Take your time
I ended up going to two groups of prosections to have enough time to revise everything and to make sure that these prosections where actually useful. You’re going to have to retain all of this information and it helps if you do it well. In my university every group got 1:30 hours to look at the cadavers. For me this was not enough so I ended up staying over groups to make sure that I was able to visualize and point out every structure.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Let me know what you thought of your first prosections in the comments down below 🙂

Lots of love
-A doctor in spe

4 thoughts

  1. I noticed that you put videos as your number one tip and it took me back. When I was in school, they had videos (on videotape or 16 mm film) in the library and I spent hours reviewing them. Also an hour and a half is not enough time. We spent 3-4 hr in groups of four cutting up bodies ( I prefer English terminology ) and we needed all of that time although it was exhausting and a little nauseating ( at first. )


    1. The smell is definitely something special! I still haven’t gotten used to it and it doesn’t leave easily.
      We don’t cut bodies up yet (that’s for 2nd year med students) we are only allowed to touch and look at muscles and nerves.
      Side note: I would have never guessed you were a doctor!


      1. Yes it’s your political opinion but more the fact that doctors are expected to be more ‘neutral’ or they just don’t voice their opinion as much. I wouldn’t assume doctors to be conservative at all. I think that they’re definitely more progressive and open-minded.
        My med school is 6 years (it used to be 7 but they made it shorter).


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