Trying out a ‘perfect’ lifestyle

For this blog I wanted to measure the effect of doing everything right (I’ll specify this part in a minute) and report my results. The goal is to raise my grades because at the moment they’re just average and unfortunately average isn’t going to cut it.
For this experiment I took other students as guidelines and I looked on forums for student tips. I also made sure to talk to my peers to set out a realistic goal.

1. Television and phone
The use of television and social media takes up such a big part of my life that I need to decrease it. I watch quite a lot of television and the moment I pick up my phone in my study break I end up waisting hours. I’ll stop using Facebook and not watch television until the end of my exams (june 26th). The only thing I’ll update regularly is WordPress 🙂  that way I’ll be able to keep you posted.
UPDATE: you’ll all be able to follow this challenge via Instagram (the only social media platform that is an exception because I need some control).

2. Free time
Should I become bored I’ll read some books on my kindle. The books I read have to be challenging in a way they need to be socially relevant. I’ve already gotten one suggestion so if you happen to have some leave them down below!
I love working out but I hate working out alone. I will try to work out 3 times per week. Two days of cardio and one day of yoga. The day of yoga will clear out my mind since the upcoming weeks will be very stressful. I’ll probably also do some workouts during my study breaks.

3. Eating habits
Unfortunately even eating clean is also an important factor while trying out ‘the perfect lifestyle’. The upcoming month I’ll try to only eat healthy foods such as vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, pure chocolate.
I will make sure to drink 2 liters of water every day in this amount tea and coffee is calculated. Breakfast will always consist of yoghurt and some fruit or oatmeal with some honey. Lunch will be made at home. That way I’ll know what I eat. As snacks I’ll be consuming two pieces of fruit everyday.

3. Studying habits
I’ve done quite a lot of research on this topic and a lot of medical students say they study around 6-7 hours everyday. I’m not going to lie 6 hours is way out of my limit. I still have a lot of courses so I’ll go for a minimum of five hours during the week and more hours in the weekend.
Active studying means that I need to put in more effort which helps retain the information I learn better. I’ve found out that I love to combine different methods to learn different parts of my courses. I’m going to write about this the upcoming week!

4. Sleeping habits
The average sleep time I need is between 7 and 9 hours. I usually get around 7hours of sleep everyday. I need to wake up at 6 a.m. every morning so I’ll try to sleep at 11p.m.

If you have some tips let me know in the comment section. I’m starting this challenge tomorrow so definitely wish me luck!

Lots of love!
-A doctor in spe

UPDATE: I’ll probably open an Instagram so that I have some control of what I do. I really want to commit to this challenge and that’s the only way to have full control.

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  1. Good luck!!!! I am sure it will work out great ^^!! For reading I would recommend ‘The Penultimate Dream’ from Angela Becerra, but it is rather romantic. My boyfriend highly recommends ‘A hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’, I certainly remember him laughing out loud a lot 😉

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