30 day cold shower challenge

The 30 day cold shower challenge has become of the most popular challenges of the summer and since there are quite a few benefits related to this challenge I too decided to take the plunge. Here’s what you need to know about it

The cold water challenge tells you to take a cold shower every day for a month. It’s said that taking a cold showers has a lot of benefits to it like improving productivity, improving your immune system, reducing blood pressure and speed up healing.

Infographic from punditcafe

A few tips before you start
-Don’t take a shower every day. Taking a shower every day also means waisting a lot of water, instead take a shower every other day.
-Stand in the shower and let the cold water flow instead of waiting outside your shower until you have enough courage to go in. This will again prevent waisting water.
-Take a cold shower after you have worked out. It’ll be easier, trust me.
-When your heart starts racing, try to keep going. After you’ve gone through that phase it gets easier!
-Make sure to put some warmer clothes on after your shower if you don’t want to catch a cold.

The result
Even though it did take a little while to adjust to showering with cold water it wasn’t too bad. The first couple of times my hart was racing but I just tried to take a deep breath. It can be tough to get through that part but afterwards you’ll definitely feel better.
Unlike my regular showers, I took less than 7 minutes to completely wash myself with cold water and I felt like I hadn’t waisted as much water. I have a huge issue with waisting water so this was definitely something important for me.
Taking cold showers in the morning made me feel invincible and ready to take on the day. It sounds weird but it felt like doing something I didn’t always think was possible made me feel better. This is a challenge that I honestly hope to keep doing because I liked it so much!

Let me know in the comment section whether you’d try showering with cold water every day.

Lots of love
– A doctor in spe

13 thoughts

  1. Once I’m gasping for my dear life, I feel great. I’m trying to stay in that state longer. I think it helps with deep breathing which will help performance when exercising and helps getting rid of any mucus.
    Side question
    Do you drink cold or warm water?

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    1. For me the heavy breathing stopped. I think it’s because I got used to the cold so if you want to stay in that state longer you have to make sure that you don’t get used to it
      I drink room temperature water, I do use hot water for tea 🙂 why though?

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  2. Thanks, I tend to drink room temperature water too. I asked as many people say warm water is better than cold. I guess it depends on the situation. You should try tulsi tea. Boil water and put these tulsi leaves in. Good for the stomach

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    1. It definitely depends on the situation. Some people tend to get cramps from cold water which is why they might prefer drinking lukewarm/warm water. I’ve never heard of Tulsi tea it seems to have a lot of benefits. I want to try it but I’m not sure about it how does it taste?


  3. Cold showers are my nightmare. I can’t even lol Warm showers for me all the way 🙂

    Just nominated you for the Liebster award! Details on the blog 🙂

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