U.N. online volunteer

In the 21st century it should come as no surprise that online volunteering can also make a difference. There are quite a lot of benefits connected to volunteering online. You can save time, work from home but just like regular voluntary work you can make a change!

Today I specifically wanted to bring U.N. online voluntary program to your attention because both the volunteer as the organization looking for help benefit from this situation. The volunteer gets an opportunity to work on a project, engage with different people all over the world and they get to help someone out all while working from home.

The projects from the UN differ. They are often based on 11 sustainable development goals that the U.N. uses. Some are about equality, some about sanitation, some about water,…. There are a lot of diverse projects which makes these options for anyone who wants to help out on different projects all over the world without leaving the comfort of their home area.

Because the sustainable development goals are the center of their voluntary actions, I thought it might be interesting to shed some light on them.

The UN has 17 SDG’s which all have the same goal to work towards a better and more sustainable future for the entire world. Globalization has had a big influence on every part of our lives, the sustainable development goals might not be able to fully reverse it’s effect, but they can make a change and prevent the issue growing bigger. The SDG’s are all goals spread over different domains to tackle issues we need to solve as soon as possible. By volunteering for the U.N. you can help fulfill one of these SDG’s and work towards a better future.

Should you be interested in the U.N. online volunteering program you can click here. If you’re more interested in the sustainable development goals and you want to read the sustainable development report you can do it by clicking here. Remember that all of our little steps will make a big change and will definitely be worth it!

I hope you enjoyed this little blogpost! Remember that more information can be found at the site of the United Nations listed above.

Lots of love
-A doctor in spe

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