School in the cloud

Think about a platform, where students can ask almost any question and can help find a response. Not only that children learn to collaborate and work with each other towards not only finding a goal but towards long-term learning. They gain skills along their journey to find an answer.

A school in the cloud is as their website describes: “A self-organised learning environment, or SOLE, can exist anywhere there is a computer, Internet connection, and students who are ready to learn. Within a SOLE students are given the freedom to learn collaboratively using the internet. An educator poses a Big Question and students form small groups to find an answer

The company was launched in 2014 in and gives children the chance to ask any big question they want. And they have grown into quite a big organisation that is active in over 20 countries. Currently there are a lot more volunteers, there are also ‘grannies’ which are people who help guide the proces of finding and answering questions.

You might ask me why I decided to write about school in the cloud. And there are a few reasons: firstly: the concept spoke to me. It was a unique concept that is focused on learning. The ability to help children abroad gain more knowledge on something they’re quite interested in, it’s heart warming. The internet opened many doors but school in the cloud is the door I hope children go through. This is to help children all over the world to gain more knowledge, and to stay hungry (as Steve Jobs would say it) with the use of a computer and spare time from a volunteer.

Should you be interested to become a teacher in the clouds, you might actually be able to help out. There is an entire manual on how to make a class in the cloud, how to keep the children busy and thinking. Something that should and could be introduced in schools.

I’m going to briefly link all information regarding school in the cloud down below including some interesting articles I found about a school in the cloud online. It raises the discussion about children learning for themselves.
The founder of this company also has a few interesting TED talks.

Let me know in the comments down below what you think of the concept of a virtual school for children where they can explore certain topics under online supervision.

Lots of love
– A doctor in spe

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