Jane Davis reading books

On Thursday the 21st of November I listened to a studium or a lecture from Jane Davis who talked about the influence of books on our lives and I must say that it felt as though my love for books was somehow reignited. Jane Davis is the founder of ‘The Reader’ which is an organization that brings people together through reading. Something a lot of people might benefit from. 

The goal of this studium was to talk about the influence reading might have on others. Talking about literature and poetry can have great influence on someones state of mind. It can provide a new perspective to look at yourself and your life and to gain new insights. In the past there have been numerous research papers that showed a connection between reading fiction and improvement in empathy. That means that reading a fictional book and getting into the characters and understanding what they’re feeling will help you understand the same thing in real life. There’s also an improvement in the theory of mind. This term means that one can see from a different perspective and empathy is something that’s often required from doctors. Doctors need to be empathetical to be able to know what the patient wants or needs and how he or she might feel at any given time which is most likely the reason why we had the opportunity to listen to a lecture that explained the importance of reading.

This lecture reignited my passion for reading and made me realize the influence books have had on my life. As a kid I read one book after the other trying to learn more about the world around me, growing up I traded in those books for a new type and along that road I seem to have lost my passion for literature along the way. However Jane Davis came along and reminded me of the feelings I used to have after reading a good book. The nostalgia couldn’t have been bigger.

Books and poetry add another dimension to life, giving people the opportunity to feel and experience what one otherwise might not. 

I’ve listed one article down below about the correlation between reading and empathy. Let me know what you think of it!

Lots of love
-A doctor in spe


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  1. Thanks for this. This is why I love reading and want my kids to be readers. Two books you may like: Get Well Soon, which is a history of plagues and written with great style; Station Eleven, which is fiction about a superflu that kills 99.9% of humanity and how culture, art and connection rises again.

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