Amboss is an online quiz bank and what sets them apart from other quiz banks is that they put more focus on providing reliable information by adding references to their online library and question bank. While they are a European company they also focus on Step exams which is interesting for American students as well.

How does it work? This is my dashboard. As you can see, I haven’t been very active on Amboss. I prefer to learn my courses and then focus on questions. I’ve completed 23 questions so far all about one course. When looking at my last sessions, you can see I answered a few questions and am working on getting through the latest set of questions. The use of practice questions is a great study technique and has proven to be very efficient as well.

Library (is placed left) contains medical knowledge. Everything is put into different folders.
All subjects are sorted in learning cards: this contains the most important information and even has videos. Short information and link to a learning card. You could also add your own notes to every learning card and share it with your friends.
There are a few features on these learning cards. High yield mode: means that the information can be narrowed down to those subjects that are really important!
Another interesting feature is that if you make a mistake after a quiz, you can see in which topic it was. This is presented on the flashcards in the right corner.
And of course you can track your study progress this way!

At the bottom of these learning cards there are also a few pictures. There are anatomical pictures where you can test your knowledge. They also have an added feature for radiological pictures. And an overlay function which gives a direction of where you should be looking. You can then look at the caption to get an indication of whether you were looking in the right direction.

Question bank: you can answer some of the questions in their question bank. You can do custom sessions as well. You can start with any mode: there’s an exam preparation, custom session or you could answer questions per organ or per symptom. You can also choose to solve questions in exam mode or in study mode.
These questions consist of a full medical case, similar to a situation in a hospital. While making these questions you can highlight certain words/information in the questions depending on whether you find it relevant or important to solve that question.

Attending tip: this is an added feature, when you really have no idea about a certain response, you can get a tip to help answer this question.
Regardless of your response, an explanation will be provided. You get an explanation and again a link back to the learning card. If you answered a question wrong, you’ll see that that part will turn red in your learning card. That way you can track your progress.
After ending a session you’ll get an overview of how you performed.

Here I’ve highlighted some words and you can see the attending tip as well

Chalk talk: these are explanation videos that the Amboss team makes on their own. It gives a good overview of a topic.

And since they work together with osmosis you can also find a few osmosis videos included on their website.

So Amboss provides medical students a platform that not only provides more references and thus more reliable learning resources, they also give the opportunity to adapt it and even share it with your friends. But how pricy is it? They have a plus option and standard option. The standard option gives limited questions whereas the plus option gives you access to all questions. There is also a student life option which means you can buy amboss for the entire student career. This seems pricy but they offer group discounts so the more students buy together the lower the cost!
Should you be interested I’ve linked their site here and you can also start a 5 day free trial!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Let me know in the comment section which question bank you prefer.

Lots of love

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