Ghent will gain another museum

The university of Ghent is coming with a new museum in 2020 and while it’s still very early, I wanted to write a piece about it to keep you updated!

The university of Ghent currently has a few different collections that are spread out across their different campuses and in 2020 they are coming up with a brand new museum that will house some of the most amazing pieces gathered from different faculties who housed these pieces until now. The museum director Marjan Doom has an entire team working with her to make this new museum a reality and let me tell you, this team has done an amazing job.

A simulation of how the museum will look.

So far they have quite a few things set up! First of all the museum will come in the new building next to De Plantentuin and it will open in spring/summer 2020.
What’s special about it, is that it provides a unique experience for its visitors. It’s different. The layout of this museum will be different, the topics are unique and the goal is to provide visitors a unique experience while they learn as they go.

The past year I’ve been fortunate to be part of a group of students who were able to learn more about this museum behind the scenes. It was a wonderful experience, however I must admit that it was difficult to combine with my studies! I have however learned a lot about the new museum the past year and have gotten the fortune to see some of the pieces the new museum will show to the public. I can’t tell you how amazing and unique the concept of this museum will be, but I can tell you that you have to visit it when you’re in Belgium or you’ll miss out on this wonderful combination of science, art and everything in-between. It will however be a journey worth going on.

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