The robot behind the ‘grape surgery’ picture.

A while ago a picture appeared where surgeons a robotic surgery on a grape was performed. The robot that was used to perform this procedure was the Da Vinci robot, the current market leader.

We can see how. the procedure is executed on a grape

Robotic surgery has really taken surgery to the next level in terms of precision. One of the best systems on the market is the Da Vinci robot which provides a surgeon the ability to work be more precise while having the ability to see his patient in 3D.

The benefits of robotic surgery itself are amazing. Most articles reveal that they provide many benefits including less bleeding, less scarring, less post-operative pain, quicker recovery and a shorter stay in the hospital. Though there are many different robots depending on what type of surgery you’re preforming. Currently the Da Vinci robot is used in

-cardiac surgery
-colorectal surgery
-general surgery
-gynecologic surgery
-head and neck surgery
-thoracic surgery
-urologic surgery

However the robot doesn’t function completely on its own. There is always a surgeon needed to perform the procedure and to steer the robot and just like most operations there are always nurses are present as well.

The precision of the robot has been demonstrated on a grape back in 2014 and even went viral a month ago. Should you want to see this robot in action click here: Its precision is clearly noticeable and we can only imagine what the future of robotic surgery holds for us.

Should you be interested in the Da Vinci robot, you can find more information on the site of Intuitive Surgical, the company behind the robot, by clicking this link

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