Med students

There are a lot of medical blogs and med youtubers out there. I’ve decided to list all of them here so that you get an overview of each and every single one of them. I hope you enjoy reading their blogs or watching their videos as much as I do.

1. Potential doc
2. Dramas for scrubs
3. Fitnessgrad
4. Blackdoc
5. Phoebe MD
6. Flowers and stethoscopes
7. Pre MD to MD
8. Omg md to be
9. Cheesy medic
10. The stylish stethoscope
11. Erica Nelson
12. Karissa Jacksn
13. Stilettos and stethoscopes
14. The making of a doctor
15. Caribmdguy
16. The balancing act
17. Future MD military wife
18. Alli
19. Hailey Shepherd

1. Jenny Le
2. Strivetofit
4. Med school insiders
5. Nellah Grace
6. Andrea Tooley
7. Just Osaro
8. Lets talk med
9. Janeandjady
10. America
11. White coat chronicles
12. Hailey Shepherd
13. Violin MD

The medical community on WordPress, Youtube and other social media is quite big. If I missed you definitely let me know so I can add you to this list!

Lots of love
– A doctor in spe


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